Interior: being within

I am spending more time looking within myself, at my interior and that starts by appreciating the fact I am an introvert. If you really want to take it further I’m specifically INTJ. I barely know the in’s and out’s of what that really means but in a quest to understand myself I am using that information as a tool for guiding my research.

Before I even knew about the 16 personality types I was intrigued about the differences between peoples reactions and communication methods and appreciating early on to observe these in the people I meet. I was first introduced to the colour personality types, which seems to be the most simple and quick way to understanding differences between people.

Today, I came across an amazing Ted Talk entitled, “The power of introverts“. It really is worth a watch if you have the time to spare, especially if you are in introvert. Immediately afterwards I bought Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” and can’t wait for it to arrive!


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