I have an infinite love for music. If you go back through the generations on my Dad’s side we are all the same. Not taste wise as such, but our appreciation for music and need for it in our lives is all the same.

I’m currently going for a lot of instrumental music, particularly anything that is based around the piano, or cello (or both!). The piano itself has been a sound I’ve always treasured, and as one Spotify playlist explains, the cello is the closest instrument in sounding like the human voice.

Below I include one track that I’m totally besotted with, appropriately called Sunday Stroll by Benny Treskow. Just play it in the background whilst you do something else, you won’t regret it.

Feel free to make any musical suggestions!



2016 is now officially gone, done and dusted and with it many things are gone from my life. 2016 really did do a lot of taking from me which I could have gone without but that’s life right?

Just as I was readying myself for the close of the year, it had one last nasty surprise for me in that on Wednesday 21 December my employers decided to end my probationary period early and with it my contract, and my job. I say it was a nasty surprise, it wasn’t really a surprise. I’d even said to my sister the evening before that I had a strong feeling I wasn’t going to be asked to return in the New Year after Christmas.Read More »