We’re floating in the midnight sky…

I’m currently floating on a calm river of happiness (and also tiredness). I got a new (to me, second hand in nature) bike this evening and I’m ecstatic. Even riding it just a mile home kept my grin exactly in place.

Cycling is a massive part of me being me, but I had to sacrifice that massively last year and I’m pleased that even within the first week of 2017 I’m already starting to rebuilt that part of me back up.

The tiredness is keeping this post short!




I have been tempted by two particular ideas most recently. Not in their order of how they came to me, but in order of easiest explained first.

As soon as I got home on Wednesday 21 December from losing my job, I started job hunting. I knew it was a pointless task but I felt I had to do it. That time of year who is really employing anyone for anything? As I guessed, essentially no one. Even after Christmas Day there still wasn’t much cropping up the week leading up to New Year’s Day. So this week, being the first proper week of 2017 things have been a little better.Read More »