Dear 2017

This year, I am aiming for:

Your true value

By that I actually mean my true value but you know, I’m spelling out ‘year’ here! Much if not all of my confidence disappeared last year and with it any value I held for myself. There are issues extending many years before that but now really is the time for me to explore my own value.


There are a great many things I wish to learn about, and 2016 provided me with lessons about completely different things. I want to use my time more wisely towards the things of my interest.


In the actions that I take, I hope in most instances to be of help or aid to someone. Nothing fancy, nothing grand, it doesn’t matter what it is but by my nature I always hope to be of use and not a hindrance. This forthcoming year I’m looking into how I can go further than the little daily occurrences.


I am to refresh myself after 2016. The previous year was a real eye-opener and stripped me down ready to build myself back up into a positive direction.

Let’s get to it!


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