2016 is now officially gone, done and dusted and with it many things are gone from my life. 2016 really did do a lot of taking from me which I could have gone without but that’s life right?

Just as I was readying myself for the close of the year, it had one last nasty surprise for me in that on Wednesday 21 December my employers decided to end my probationary period early and with it my contract, and my job. I say it was a nasty surprise, it wasn’t really a surprise. I’d even said to my sister the evening before that I had a strong feeling I wasn’t going to be asked to return in the New Year after Christmas.

I did feel hurt, and like a failure, for a brief hour or so but as I was mostly anticipating it I recovered pretty quickly. Plus, my sister, being super amazing, was so angry with them on my behalf, her love far outweighed the negativity I was feeling.

Now can I be totally honest, they actually did me a favour. Financially no, but I had already been considering that this job wasn’t for me and I’d most likely look for a new job in the New Year. I wasn’t treated terribly, but I wasn’t treated fairly either. I even have a feeling they were purposely trying to get me to quit. But now that’s gone. The stress, the negativity of that place, the bitchiness the feeling everyday I just didn’t fit there. Gone. 2016 actually helped me this time, taking this from me and letting me close the door on all things that were holding me back. Now I can truly focus my time in 2017 on being the best possible me.

This morning I watched Scott Dinsmore’s Ted Talk ‘How to find work you love‘ and further more read a few pages on Live Your Legend. For anyone reading this who may also be unemployed I recommend having a look at both. I could babble on for hours about everything I’ve been looking into since losing my job, but I’m still connecting it all in my head for myself. Essentially, what I found this morning really helped me understand the situation I find myself in and the options I have open to me.

To close, find below a great song called ‘Gone’ by Switchfoot. Just ’cause.


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8 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Yay, sometimes work can just be so…that you end up being glad when they let you go. I know the feeling and proud of you for seeing the bright side of things.

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  2. “Plus, my sister, being super amazing, … her love far outweighed the negativity I was feeling.” Isn’t it wonderful to have such people around? These people are gifts.
    I am sure you will find a way. You will find a job where you find your true purpose. Don’t quit. Good luck and wish you a very happy new year.

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  3. […] Yesterday I wrote very briefly suggesting that 2016 hadn’t been a great year for me (actually, I am quite certain it was my worst year so far) but also that I am looking forward with the crossing into 2017. My first post this year even listed a few of my aims for this year. […]


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