I have been tempted by two particular ideas most recently. Not in their order of how they came to me, but in order of easiest explained first.

As soon as I got home on Wednesday 21 December from losing my job, I started job hunting. I knew it was a pointless task but I felt I had to do it. That time of year who is really employing anyone for anything? As I guessed, essentially no one. Even after Christmas Day there still wasn’t much cropping up the week leading up to New Year’s Day. So this week, being the first proper week of 2017 things have been a little better.

I’ve been eye-spying a few potential jobs each day this week, but I’m doing to admit now, I hadn’t applied for any of them. Why? Well Scott Dinsmore on his site Live Your Legend says the first thing to do when you are unemployed is to do nothing. Of course that therefore gave me ‘permission’ to do so. And I have genuinely been enjoying having my time this week to do absolutely anything I want without the burden of thinking about work (beyond some time job searching).

The temptation to keep this enjoyable time for longer was in part, keeping me from applying to the jobs I was saving. That, and because I haven’t actually found any jobs which suit me. I actually did apply for one possibly last week or early this week and already been rejected. Realising my laziness in this regard this evening I went ahead and applied for the jobs on my saved list which I have an ounce of interest in. I feel better for doing it. Temptation sort-of beaten?

My second temptation has been on-going for over a month, and that is to buy myself a bicycle. A huge part of my identity is linked to cycling. 2016 forced me to sell all my bikes except one (at one point I had up to nine!) and I made my peace with that sacrifice was my only way of surviving the rest of the year. However since I’ve been trying to pick up the pieces of the mess of 2016 from December to now I’ve been desperate to get another bike.

I found one I was pretty keen on on Gumtree in late November/early December and even arranged to view it. The night before I backed out though, aware my job wasn’t set in stone yet and feeling I couldn’t justify getting it.

Now 2017 has come along, the job has ended, I’ve felt the resurgence of the need to have that bike. By using need I’m not being over-dramatic. My genuine happiness and health do rely on me cycling. The one bike I do have causes me pain that I simply can’t enjoy being on it (it has sentimental value so I’ll never get rid of it). The bike I want to get solves that issue due to difference in design and components.

I had already got the cash ready for the bike the first time round so guess what? I’ve now agreed to get the bike tomorrow. And at quite a reduced price. So yes, I have given in to my temptation. Yes, not the most logical move to spend money when I’ve lost my job, but as I said I already had the money set aside for it.

So now I just need to get paid to enjoy my time away from work, riding my bike…


One thought on “Tempted

  1. Hope you get a job soon so you can enjoy your bike. Besides, exercise makes your brain work better and you feel better about yourself so you will do much better at interviews. Totally justified now!


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