Yesterday I wrote very briefly suggesting that 2016 hadn’t been a great year for me (actually, I am quite certain it was my worst year so far) but also that I am looking forward with the crossing into 2017. My first post this year even listed a few of my aims for this year.

It’s only been four days into this year, but already and with each passing day, hour even, I do feel better within myself.

I am more aware of my time, and using it to watch Ted talks everyday which have been inspirational and educational. I even start each morning reading, something I haven’t done for years!

I’m reminding myself of the things I really care about, the things I want to learn more about, the things that to my core are important to me. Sometimes, life distances you from these thoughts and notions. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it, and I hope to keep it up, even when I do land my next job (half-halfheartedly sooner rather than later!).

I genuinely am excited about crossing over from the turbidity of 2016 and into the positive forward direction of 2017.

I actually made this blog to collate my thoughts on the research I found on the topics of interest but I’m sure it will all start appearing soon enough, as it stands the daily prompts have been useful in just making a start.



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